Under Construction...
Air Conditioning
   This includes design, sales, installation, service and repairs to window units, split systems and
   package units. Modifications of units for Class I Div II and Class I Div I. 
   Epoxy Coil Coatings for condenser coils and cabinets.

Factory Authorized service center for:
     Friedrich Air Conditioning, Manitowoc, Scotsman, Carrier


Custom Design
Air conditioning systems to meet Space Requirements, Hazardous Location (ClassI DivisionI, ClassI DivisionII).

 These are 2 two ton remote condensing units, stainless and copper/copper coil
 for Class I Division I Hazardous Locations. Compressors and control panel are
 mounted inside a pressurized building.


 Walk in cooler/freezer condensing units modified for Class I Division II Hazardous Locations.

Coil Coating
Diamond S Refrigeration uses a high grade three part epoxy coating process.